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Product Delivery Process

We designed an agile delivery process that will help in ensuring the efficient management of your software product. It incorporates the following phases:  

  • 1. Presales

    We’re offering consultancy for free. You’re coming only with some business ideas and we’ll help you in validating them and finding the best digital solutions.
  • 2. Kick-off

    Meet and greet the team and the main stakeholders involved in the product. Celebrating new beginnings.
  • 3. Discovery

    Our focus is to reduce uncertainty and make sure we’re building the right things.
  • 4. Implementation

    In this phase, our focus is actually building the solution by working closely with our team to develop the features.
  • 5. Product release

    Releasing the minimum viable product (MVP) increment on the market.
  • 6. Maintenance

    Our main focus in this phase will be on doing support and adding new features.

Tools & technologies

We have necessary expertise in tools and technologies (such as JavaScript, C#, Java and related frameworks) to provide software solutions aligned with our client's needs and vision. To make this happen, we enable our clients to understand, follow and actively participate in the agile development process of their product.

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